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Rootkit Hunter Changelog

Below is the changelog of Rootkit Hunter. It will contain changes of early released versions and the active development version.


* 1.2.8 (24/02/2006)

- Added '-sk' alias (instead of --skip-keypress)
- Added support for Fedora core 4
- Added support for FreeBSD 4.11, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 6.0
- Added support for CentOS 3.3 ('final' and 'Final')
- Added support for CentOS 3.5, 4.1 and 4.2
- Added support for Debian 3.1 (AMD64)
- Added support for RHEL WS/AS/ES 3, Taroon update 6
- Added support for RHEL WS 4, Nahant Update 1 and 2
- Added support for Slackware 10.2

- Updated RHEL hashes
- Updated Fedora Core 3 hashes
- Updated SuSE 9.1 hashes
- Updated software database
- Update copyright line


* 1.2.7 (24/05/2005)

- Added support for CentOS 4.0
- Added support for Mandrake 10.2
- Added support for Gentoo (sparc/sparc64/x86)
- Added additional support for E-smith (SME 6.0.1)
- Added support for FreeBSD 4.5 and 4.6

- Improved support for Bind (thanks to Craig)
- Improved support for RHEL AS release 3
- Updated hashes for SuSE 9.1 (core-utils)

- Fixed problem with the updater (file was retrieved, but not placed within
the correct directory)


* 1.2.6 (10/05/2005)

- Added support for Tao Linux
- Added support for Trustix 2.2 (Sunchild)

- Fixed problem with updater


* 1.2.5 (03/05/2005)

- Added support for FreeBSD 4.11 (i386)
- Added support for RHEL AS release 3
- Added support for Cobalt (6.5.1)

- Fixed permissions of
- Fixed typo in help
- Improved detection for some unknown rootkits/backdoors
- Improved messages/logging
- Some code cleanups
- Important: fixed a security issue, related to temporary files


* 1.2.4 (25/04/2005)

- Added support for E-smith (SME 6.0)

- Updated hashes for Fedora core 2
- Improved documentation of tools (see tools directory)
- Removed logging from installer

- Fixed problem when using --allow-ssh-root-user (option was overwritten
by configuration file option)


* 1.2.3 (21/03/2005)

- Added option to allow/whitelist hidden files and directories. See
configuration file
- Added support for SuSE 9.2 (x86-64)

- Updated configuration file, to give more information about
whitelisting of hidden files/directories
- Updated Fedora core 3 hashes (procps package)
- Updated packages: OpenSSH
- Updated manpage
- Improved logging
- Added debugging info for named
- Strip off patch version with PHP port (Debian)
- Extended support for Fink (MacOS), added /sw/bin to BINPATHS in
- Improved installer when /usr/local/bin is missing

- Fixed problem with unquoted variable (passwordless accounts)


* 1.2.2 (18/03/2005)

- Added support for Mandrake 10.1
- Added hashes for Mandrake 10.1. Thanks to Roderick B. Greening
- Added support for RHEL WS release 3
- Added support for NIS when looking for passwordless accounts
- Added support for beX2 (evil code)

- Updated Debian hashes
- Changed permissions of installer (0755 instead of 0750)
- Changed installer so normal users can install rkhunter. This is
experimental, so check is commented in installer
- Updated packages: Bind, Exim, OpenSSL
- Improved logging
- Small layout fixes
- Code cleanup
- Updated mirror list
- Updated copyright message (2005)

- Changed symbols when one or more groups are added/removed


* 1.2.1 (21/02/2005)

- Added support for Mandrake 8.1 (i586, no hashes)
- Added support for FreeBSD 5.3 (i386, with hashes for release version)
- Added support for Slackware 10.1
- Added Turkish translation to installer (note: language support
temporarily disabled)
- Added support for Fink (MacOS), added /sw/bin to BINPATHS
- Added contrib directory
- Added script (contrib) run_rkhunter, by Andy Spiegel

- Updated hashes for SuSE 9.1, Mandrake 10.0
- Updated installer (changed copyright line, comments and disabled
version number, because it can be confusing when installer version
is another version than main version.)
- Perform extra check before checking configuration file (to see if
it exists)
- Improved logging (show temporary directory, improve output when
scanning for default rootkit files/directories)
- Improved output when system is unsupported
- Stop program when temporary directory doesn't exist instead of
creating it
- Updated packages: Apache, Bind, GnuPG, OpenSSL
- Fixed some typos

- BINPATHS got overwritten when performing software version check
- Fixed bug when checking for ssh root user. Thanks to Andy Spiegel
- Clean up temporary prelink file

- Added notification list
- Fixed some XHTML bugs


* 1.2.0 (10/02/2005)

- Added support for CentOS 3.4
- Added new configuration option 'ALLOW_SSH_ROOT_USER' and program
parameter '--allow-ssh-root-user' to allow directly login of a
`root` user, in your SSH configuration file.

- Updated hashes for Fedora Core 1, Core 2, Core 3
- Changed RHEL 3, so taroon 4 uses the hashes of taroon 3
- Updated Debian hashes
- Removed ClamAV from application scan. It warns the user now when
it runs an too old version.
- Updated manpage
- Changed detection for SuSE versions. SuSE Linux Enterprise Server
didn't work, because of the capitals (instead of the usual name)
- Warn if user uses /tmp as temporary directory (possible security
- Updated wishlist/todo and manpage.

- Fixed wrong message when group was added/deleted from /etc/groups


* 1.1.9 (28/12/2004)

- Added RH-Sharpe's rootkit (rootkit)
- Added SHV5 rootkit (rootkit)
- Added special test for tripwire
- Added support for metalog (syslog daemon)
- Added support for ALTLinux 2.2 and 2.4
- Added support for CentOS 3.3
- Added support for Gentoo 1.6
- Added support for FreeBSD 4.10 (alpha platform)
- Added support for SuSE SLES8. Thanks to Mario Lenz
- Added support for SuSE 9.2 (i586)
- Added support for Fedora Core 3
- Added support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES/WS release 4
- Added hashes for Fedora Core 3. Thanks to Steph
- Official port is now available for ALTLinux
- Change text when an old software package has been found. This
will happen with backporting operating systems (Red Hat,
Fedora etc)

- Improved logging for lsof test
- Updated hashes for Fedora Core 1
- Updated hashes for Debian woody
- Updated hashes for Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES/WS release 3
- Updated hashes for Slackware 9
- Updated hashes for Slackware 10
- Updated hashes for SuSE 9.1
- Updated wishlist/todo, updated readme and manpage.
- Code cleanup (added more remarks, cleanup of old/buggy things)..
- Improved logging

- Changed binary search path due typo. Thanks to Bertrand


* 1.1.8 (12/09/2004)

- Added support for Red Hat 6.2 and hashes. Thanks to Sebastian Herbszt
- Added support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES 3, Taroon update 3
- Added support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS 3, Taroon update 1

- Improved Suckit detection
- Improved FreeBSD version detection. It now will skip MD5 check if sysctl
contains 'release', but patches for primary binaries are installed (like
ls, ps, top etc)
- Added error redirection when performing lsattr checks
- Added `find` to path search
- Updated installer with portogues/brazilian language. Thanks to Douglas
- Updated hashes for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3
- Updated hashes for Slackware 10
- Cleaned up logging when checking for passwordless accounts
- Show message when bad hashes are found. Some scared people began to worry
inmediately after they found several bad hashes, without understanding the
reason of it (reason: updated packages).
- Improved output in logging which deals with updated packages / hashes
- Improved logging (informational logging)
- Improved output of hidden directories/files. Thanks to Greg Houlette
- Corrected some parts of logging
- Code cleanup

- Forgot to initialise LSATTRFOUND


* 1.1.7 (29/08/2004)

- Added support for ADM Worm
- Added support for MzOzD and spwn backdoor
- Added LKM filename check (experimental)
- Added passwordless user account test

- Updated Mandrake 9.2 hashes. Thanks to Eric Gerbier
- Updated application version list
- Extended inetd.conf test (searches for shells)
- Added total of vulnerable applications at report, if application scan was

- Fixed a major bug in the installer when you install version 1.1.5 or newer. The
sample configuration won't be copied and the due to that, the --update function
won't work.


* 1.1.6 (18/08/2004)

- Added support for RSHA's rootkit (rootkit)
- Inspect files attributes (immutable detection)
- Added '--update' to help text. Updater seems to be stable
- Added FreeBSD packages database test (pkgdb). It performs an automatic
fixup of the database and displays an error when problems were found.
- Added '--skip-application-check' option. This skips the program version
check. On some systems it's half useless, because they use patched
(old) version numbers.

- Improved report at end (hide line when no rootkits are found)
- Updated hashes for SuSE 9.1 (i586)
- Fixed double hash in database
- Updated database with program versions
- Added more help and informational messages

- Improved installer (when last line contains no newline char, the INSTALLDIR
option was added on the wrong place)


* 1.1.5 (11/08/2004)

- Added support for Ni0 Rootkit (rootkit)
- Added 'open files' check
- Added OpenSSL check
- Added Solaris 9 support

- Improved logging of application scan check
- Improved xinetd.conf tests (disabled some parts, due false positives)
- Improved logging on different places (more breaks etc)
- Improved SunOS support. Thanks to Michael Gueting
- Improved (POSIX compatible) applications support for SunOS
- Fixed a typo (application version check)
- Fixed a typo (SSH check)
- Fixed small layout issue at application scan check
- Removed an double declared variable (WARNING=0)

- Fixed missing lines in rkhunter.spec file
- Installation script shouldn't be overwriting rkhunter.conf file..


* 1.1.4 (07/08/2004)

- Added support for FreeBSD 4.10
- Added support for White Box Enterprise Linux 3.0
- Added support for Debian 3.1 (Sid)
- Added support for OpenBSD 3.5 (i386 and sparc64)
- Added support for SunOS. Thanks to Michael Gueting
- Added boot.local test for SuSE 9.x
- Added Apache test
- Added support for mod_rootme module (apache backdoor)
- Added option '--display-logfile'. It displays the logfile you specified
at the end of the output (don't forget to use --create-logfile)
- Added application version checker

- Don't quit when wget cannot be found during install
- Updated installer (for new update function)
- Updated MD5 hashes for Mandrake 9.1
- Updated MD5 hashes for Slackware 9.1
- Updated MD5 hashes for FreeBSD 5.2.1
- Improved logging in quiet mode
- Improved key pauses when in 'interactive' mode
- Improved xinetd check
- Improved report-mode option (--report-mode). If you want a small amount of
information (ie. if you scan a lot of servers), use this option.
- Updated document location in installer
- Updated the wishlist. A lot of issues are solved now.
- Updated changelog (had some little typos)

- Fixed false positive when using Debian
- Fixed support for PLD Linux and CPUBuilders Linux
- Fixed a typo in the installer


* 1.1.3

- Added support for SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 8. Thanks to Daniel Berlin
- Added support for SuSE Linux Openexchange Server 4.1.1. Thanks to Daniel Berlin
- Added support for Fedora Core 2 with 64 bits support
- Added support for TDB database (/dev related)
- Added hashes for FreeBSD 5.2.1
* Added tools directory in tarball with a experimal auto-updater. Use it on your
own risk and check the script before you run it!

- Improved Suckit support (rootkit)
- Improved user detection (the check will now handle NIS users fine when
checking for UID 0 alike users)
- Improved logging on multiple sections
- Updated parameter list (--help), to reflect changes (--quiet)
- Updated hashes for Mandrake 10
- Updated installer. With a SunOS improvement by Michael Gueting.

- Quiet-option is now really quiet (xinetd line still appeared when running in
quiet mode)
- Fixed a problem with the binary UPX scan (multiple error lines appeared)


* 1.1.2

- Added string check. This checks some binaries which often get trojaned.
- Added '--quiet' option. Very usefull when running Rootkit Hunter as a cronjob
and don't want to see all the output (EXCEPT when warnings/errors has been
- Added xinet daemon test. Thanks to unSpawn and Andrea
- Added test for binaries (UPX)
- Added alias '--create-logfile' for '--createlogfile'
- Added support for Mandrake 8.2
- Added support for Mandrake 9.0
- Added support for Mandrake 9.1
- Added support for Redhat Enterprise Linux AS (Taroon update 2). Thanks to Yann Le Guennec
- Added support for Slackware 10. Thanks to Fred Bulthuis
- Added support for Gentoo 1.5. Thanks to Nicolas Kaiser
- Added support for some Gentoo ppc versions
- Added hashes for Slackware 10

- Improved support for AIX and OpenBSD. Thanks to Iain Roberts
- Improved support for rootkits (Dica, Dreams, Fuckit, MRK, Ohhara, Sin, SunOS Rootkit
and TBD Rootkit)
- Updated hashes for Fedora Core 2
- Updated hashes for SuSE 8.2. Thanks to Jack Denman
- Updated installer

- Fixed another problem in the installer
- Fixed a problem with the updater (not yet in use)
- Changed output of `ps` when checking for syslog daemon (should fix a problem on some
systems where the output was too long)


* 1.1.1

- Fixed a problem with the installer.. (wrong shell)


* 1.1.0

- Added support for Red Hat Linux Advanced Server 2.1
- Added support for Slackware 9.0. Thanks to Stan Cosmin
- Added support for Slackware 9.1. Thanks to Fred Bulthuis
- Added support for Trustix 2.0. Thanks to Agung Ud
- Added support for Debian with sparc64 architecture (testing/unstable)
- Added hashes for Slackware 9.0
- Added hashes for Slackware 9.1

- Updated SuSE 9.1 hashes
- Updated Mandrake 10 hashes
- Updated Fedora Core 1 hashes
- Updated Fedora Core 2 hashes
- Updated OpenBSD 3.3 hashes
- Updated Suckit (rootkit), multiple improvements
- Updated rkhunter.spec file. Thanks to Craig Orsinger
- Updated installer. Thanks to Iain Roberts
- Added mirrors.dat to file checks

- Fixed WHITELIST option again (it stripped the wrong characters: when a hash
contains a '5', it got stripped)
- Updated sockstat/netstat check for FreeBSD
- Skipping of MD5 didn't work anymore (due a forcefully check when Perl module
Digest::MD5 was found). Thanks to Zac


* 1.0.9

- Added support for Balaur Rootkit (rootkit)
- Added installdir option to the installer
- Added INSTALLDIR option to configuration file
- Added support for SuSE 9.1 (pro)
- Added support for Fedora Core 2
- Added support for RHEL 3 Taroon update 2
- Added support for PCLinuxOS (HD-install)
- Added hashes for SuSE 9.1
- Added hashes for Fedora Core 2
- Added hashes for Mandrake 10

- Updated hashes for Fedora Core 1 (updating prelinked hashes is no good
idea..) Thanks to Doncho.
- Updated hashes for SuSE 8.2
- Updated hashes for Mandrake 9.2
- Updated hashes for RHEL 3 Taroon update 1 and update 2. Thanks to Tom and Eilko
- Improved hidden file detection

- Added prelink check, to resolve some problems with a few Fedora Core 1
installations. Thanks to Mike Haslam for pointing out this problem.
- Changed detection of syslog daemon
- Fixed a problem with the MD5WHITELIST option (see rkhunter.conf). Thanks to
John P. New
- Updated installer (added /usr/local/etc to directory check, because some
systems don't have this directory by default)


* 1.0.8

- Added support for Mandrake 10 (official release). Thanks to Dave Edwards
- Added support for Slackware 9.1.0. Thanks to Zebul666
- Added hashes for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 2.1 (Panama). Thanks to Duke
(mastre). (+1 beer for me)

- Updated hashes for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3
- Updated hashes for Fedora Core 1. Thanks to Greg Houlette
- Updated rkhunter.spec file by Doncho
- Improved extra Suckit tests. Check the presence of `stat`, before performing
the scans. Reported by Pasi.


* 1.0.7

- Added support for Irix Rootkit (rootkit)
- Added support for URK (Universal Root Kit) (rootkit)
- Added 'whitelist support' for MD5 hashes. See configuration file for more
information about this new option.
- Added improved support for Yellowdog 3.0 (Sirius). Thanks to P. Hopkins

- Improved Suckit detection (multiple improvements). Thanks to unSpawn!
- Fixed problem when running a special listener under FreeBSD (i.e. a DHCP
daemon). Thanks to Yann Nottara
- Fixed typo with '--dbdir' parameter. Thanks to unSpawn.
- Fixed rkhunter.spec file. md5blacklist.dat was missing. Thanks to Masanari
- Improved rkhunter.spec file. Thanks to Doncho N. Gunchev
- Updated installer to support dynamic paths soon.
- Layout improvements for installer
- Changed copyright text in main binary and installer (as required/suggested
by GPL)
- Updated website (FAQ, documentation)


* 1.0.6

- Added support for FreeBSD 4.9 and 5.2.1
- Added support for SuSE 9.0 (i386 and i586). Thanks to multiple people
- Added support for Trustix. Thanks to Joachim Holst
- Added support for Whitebox Enterprise Linux 3.0. Thanks to Fire
- Added support for CentOS 3.1. Thanks to Fire
- Added support for Mandrake 10 (community release). Thanks to Ted Kline
- Added support for CPUBuilders Linux. Thanks to Chris Locke
- Added support for Gentoo's 'rc.local' file (local.start)
- Added parameter '--bindir' to use another (binary) directory than the default
ones (to select which binaries will be used to perform the tests). Requested
by Joel.
- Added parameter '--configfile' to use another configuration file.
- Added parameter '--dbdir' to use another (dynamic) database directory
- Added a check when dynamic parameters are used (like --dbdir, --bindir) to
check the existance of these paths/files.
- Added lsmod check (/proc/modules) for Linux distros. Thanks to Micah Anderson

- Updated hashes for Mandrake 9.2. Thanks to John P. New and others.
- Updated hashes for Red Hat Enterprise Linux Update 1. Thanks to Eilko
- Added informational message, when 'PermitRootLogin' or SSH protocol 1 is found,
into the logfile
- Renamed .spec file to rkhunter.spec
- Updated installer. Thanks to Uwe Hermann
- Improved LKM check. Thanks to Joe Croft
- Improved logging
- Fixed a problem with ifconfig


* 1.0.5

- Added 'ignoKit' (rootkit)
- Added support for Red Hat Linux 8.0 (Psyche)
- Added option '--disable-passwd-check', to disable passwd/group check. Suggested
by Michael Niehren
- Added option '--scan-knownbad-files', to scan besides the 'known good' MD5 checks,
a lot of system binaries against a 'known bad' database.
- Added option '--tmpdir', to specify a temporary directory instead of the static
one (see below, at 'tmpdir' option within the configuration file). Requested by
- Added a 'known bad' database with a lot of 'blacklisted' binaries and tools
(like sniffers, rootkits, backdoored binaries, IRC tools etc)
- Added hashes for Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES release 3 (unpatched). Thanks
to Nico Morrison
- Added a 'mail-on-warning' option to the configuration file. When the checker finds
one or more warnings, it will send a warning to the system administrator (see the
configuration file for more information)
- Added 'tmpdir' option to the configuration. This optional value can be used instead
of the default (/usr/local/rkhunter/tmp) directory and is one of the first steps
to make rkhunter less static.
- Rootkit Hunter now exists with an exit code of 1 when a rootkit is found or
a MD5 checksum failed. Suggested by Michael Niehren

- Updated support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Thanks to Nico Morrison
- Improved/updated .spec file for RPM creation (improved cronjob script, updated
file version, corrected packager value). Thanks to Joe Klemmer and Michael Niehren
- Improved cronjob check (it contained a little bug, so it wasn't always non-
- Improved logging of sockstat/netstat tests
- Fixed message when parameters are provided, but 'check' option is missing
- Updated installer (0.0.6)


* 1.0.4

- Added 'AjaKit' (rootkit)
- Added 'Legion of Doom (LoD)' (rootkit) (note: uses almost every same file
as AjaKit)
- Added support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Thanks to Kevin Jarnot

- Updated 'NSDAP' (rootkit)
- Updated 'Dica' (rootkit)
- Updated 'X-Org SunOS Rootkit' (rootkit)
- Changed message 'not found' into 'OK' when no file redirection has been found.
Thanks to Jens Gutzeit
- Improved check for hidden files (empty files will be skipped, more directories
- Corrected file scan counter.
- Improved logging
- Cleaned up tarball


* 1.0.3

- Added support for SuSE Linux 8.1.

- Updated 'Flea Linux Rootkit', because /lib/security is a legal path name.
Thanks to Moritz Bunkus
- Updated syslog-ng checking (checking remote logging in the configuration file).
Thanks for Juri Memmert for reporting the problem


* 1.0.2

- Added 'aPa Kit' (rootkit)
- Added 'Danny-Boy's Abuse Kit' (rootkit)
- Added 'Duarawkz' (rootkit)
- Added 'Flea Linux Rootkit' (rootkit)
- Added 'HjC kit' (rootkit)
- Added 'Kitko' (rootkit)
- Added 'R3dstorm Toolkit' (rootkit)
- Added 'TeLeKiT' (rootkit)
- Added 'VcKit' (rootkit)
- Added support for Aurora Linux 1.0 (SPARC, named 'Ansel')
- Added support for Red Hat Linux 7.0
- Added support for Mac OS X (Darwin kernel)
- Added option '--report-mode' to remove footer and location of logfile
- Added alias parameter '--createlog' for '--createlogfile'
- Added alias parameter '--skipkeypress' for '--skip-keypress'
- Added informational message when a user doesn't use '--checkall' or '--cronjob'

- Updated hashes for Fedora Core 1. Thanks to Doncho N. Gunchev
- Improved output of logfile
- Changed warning message when a part of a rootkit has been found (show correct
logfile instead of default file)
- Changed footer message (and tell you guys you have to submit your undetected

- Updated articles: Hyperlinks, Scanning Techniques


* 1.0.1

- Added parameter '-h' (or --help, -?) to display the usage syntax (same thing
when you give no options at all). Reported by Arthur E. Groen
- Support for Linux SuSE 8.2 (i586 platform)

- Improved scan for 'Suckit' (rootkit)
- Updates hashes for Mandrake 9.2
- Fixed a problem with the installer (wrong function declaration).
- Had to strip down all colors in the installer, because of the complaints :-)
- Changed installer so it could be used as a non-interactive installer (like it
was before).. Languages are still usuable, but will be used in later versions
(with a interactive switch)
- Fixed the LANG function (renamed it, because of the reserved name).
- Added Swedish translation for the installer. Thanks to Daniel Olsson
- Improved logging when Perl has been found
- Undo 'skip MD5 test' (MD5CHECK_SKIP=0) when Digest::MD5 available, but
md5(sum) isn't, so we can still scanning.
- Fixed a wrong path name (deleting of temporary passwd file)

Website / Documentation:
- Updated FAQ
- Updated Project information (updated supported OSes, rootkits, added date of
last modification)
- Updated README


* 1.0.0

Special remarks:
- New developer: Stephane Dudzinski (a.k.a. FRLinux)

* Operating system support
- Added support for Fedora (tested with Core 1, Yarrow)
- Added support for Gentoo (tested with 1.4 release)
- Added support for Red Hat 7.3 (Valhalla)
- Added support for Sun Solaris (not working yet..)
- Added OpenBSD 3.3 (i386) hashes
- Added Fedora Core 1 (i386) hashes
- Added special verify section when prelinked binaries are found (like Fedora
Core 1 uses). Thanks to Michael G. Rozman
- Added support for IBM AIX. A big thanks to Iain Roberts!
Versions 4.3.2, 4.3.3, 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4

* Rootkit / backdoor support
- Added 'Dreams' (rootkit). Thanks to Joshua Levitsky
- Added 'Heroin' (LKM rootkit)
- Added 'Sin' (rootkit)
- Added 'Shutdown' (rootkit)
- Added 'Sneakin' (rootkit)
- Added 'Superkit' (rootkit)
- Added 'T0rn' (rootkit)
- Added 'Trojanit Kit' (rootkit)
- Added 'zaRwT.KiT' (rootkit)
- Added 'Volc' (rootkit)

* Linux support
- Added extra kernel check (2.4/2.6) when OS is Linux
- Added Linux 2.6 kernel support.
- Added extra check when using a RPM based distro, to display the package name
in the logfile when filehashes are different. Thanks to Michael G. Rozman

* Rootkit Hunter options
- Added option '--quick'. Can be used with newly added scans and will use
some tweaks to scan quicker (be carefull: can hide some usefull information
at first scan, i.e. hidden files with trojaned binaries)
- Added option '--skip-keypress'. Make rkhunter non-interactive, so you don't
have to press [enter] after every test. Requested by Michael G. Rozman
- Added option '--version'. Displays version and quits.
- Added extra check for promiscuous interfaces, when 'ip' command is available
- Added check for (rootdir)etc/conf.d/local.start file (Gentoo)
- Added ksyms check to rootkitscan section
- Added check for binaries like nmap, ls, lsof, ps (for future use)
- Added Perl Digest::SHA1 module check
- Added SSH 'PermitRootLogin without-password' (as an unsafe option). Thanks
to Doncho
- Added check for sniffer logfiles detection
- Added support for grsec enabled Linux kernel. Thanks Steph

- Improved installation
- Splitted version number (from 1.00 --> 1.0.0) due future minor releases
- Updated 'Ambient'
- Updated 'BOBkit'
- Updated 'Knark'
- Updated 'Sebek'
- Updated hashes for Red Hat 7.1 (fileutils, util-linux, SysVinit and xinetd).
Thanks to Michael G. Rozman
- Updated hashes for Debian 3.0 (IPv6 enabled version of tcpd). Thanks to Steph
- Changed LKM check when kernelversion of Linux is the new 2.6
- Improved support for other rootdirs (instead of '/')
- Added check for empty files when searching for hidden files
- Added check for real device fiels when searching for hidden files
- Added colored layout, when performing file checks (for i.e. hidden files)
- Little bugfix when perform LKM checking
- Bugfix when scanning sshd_config for file if file isn't available in /etc/ssh
- Improved logging for selftests
- Improved logging when performing MD5 hash test
- Improved logging for scanning of rootkits and malware
- Improved logging of rootkitscan section (files and directories)
- Improved logging for detection of binaries and Perl modules
- Improved SSH 'root login allowed', to decrease false positives
- Changed detection of users with an UID of 0 (zero)
- Improved rootkitscan section for files and directories with spaces
- Fixed wrong detection of Debian version (unstable/testing). Thanks to Daniel
- Fixed wrong use of parameters when using --quick option, but not using -c.
Thanks to Joost Peters
- Added missing 'full OS' string, when RH doesn't recognise the operating
- Fixed bad logging of rootkits (and files)
- Fixed a problem when using --skip-keypress and a rootkit was found (skip
keypress didn't work, and user input was required).
- Fixed installer for NetBSD and MacOS X, by commenting whereis functions (will
be soon replaced)
- A lot of code cleanups..

- Updated website (FAQ / Changelog, Project information)
- Fixed a problem with the contact form (-moz-opacity CSS property failed with
some browsers).


* 1.00 RC3

- Added option --disable-md5-check to skip checking MD5 hashes (if you run
customized binaries/tools)
- Added option --rootdir (or -r), to use with chrooted systems. Note: not
completely integrated yet. Requested by Henk Wevers
- Added functions logtext and displaytext to make script more powerfull and
easier to use (for example with a new 'quiet' option)
- Added support for OpenBSD 3.3 and OpenBSD 3.4 (MD5 fix added, due the
missing of the -q (quiet) option of MD5). Thanks to Stefan

- Updated 'Beastkit'
- Updated 'Bobkit'
- Updated hashes for Red Hat 9.0 (coreutils update). Thanks to Andrew Matthews
- Fixed a little problem with support for multiple file hashes (see 1.00 RC2).
When more than one hash was available, only the first one was checked. Thanks
to Andrew Matthews for testing.
- Solved two little issues with netstat check. Check reported possible backdoor
if portnumber was present in another portnumber (like string '2001' is
available in '20010'). Also the portnumber was found when the remote connection
had the same portnumber as a possible backdoor (like a dynamic port 2001 was
assigned to a SSH client). Thanks to Michael Firkins
- Changed text when a possible backdoored file is found (because --debug option
is not a valid). Thanks to Anton Pirnat
- Changed check for OpenSSH sshd_config file (it will search now for more than
1 place). Thanks to Jeroen Griede
- Added extra check for file retrieval utilities (i.e. to do version checking)
- Changed string at beginning of RH output (Determing OS... Ready)
- Made some tweaks to the layout of the logfile (with --createlogfile option)


* 1.00 RC2

- Added check for syslog-ng (instead of only checking for the presence of
syslogd). Thanks to Chris Vaughan
- Added check to allow more than one MD5/SHA1 for a single file. When a 'base'
file will be updated, it's possible to add a second hash. Thanks to
James Clark and Greg Bell
- Added AIX check. Thanks to Val Baranov
- Added hashes for SuSE 8.2 (i386)
- Added hashes for Red Hat 9.0
- Added hashes for Mandrake 9.2
- Added hashes for Debian 3.0 (tested with release 2)
- Added support for Mandrake (i.e. /dev/.devfsd file)
- Added section to check the file type of every hidden file found
- Added parameter 'nocolors' to disable colored output
- Added support to run RH as a cronjob (parameter '--cronjob')
- Added check to removed layout when running as cronjob
- Added option to create a logfile (parameter '--createlogfile')
- Added changelog on website (

- Updated hashes for Red Hat 7.2
- Cleanup logfile at startup
- Just check /dev directory once for hidden files
- Deleted unused consistency check (on Debian it showed several warnings)
- Fixed a little problem with querying the default hashes database (added a
slash to the query, to resolve the problem)
- Layout fix for Linux distros
- Fixed an error for Debian (where /etc/rc.d files not always exists..) by
adding an extra check for the presence of this files.
- Tweaked section to scan /dev directory. Scan is faster now (scan for
unknown shellscripts and files)
- Some little layout changes
- Updated 'Beastkit' due false positive. Thanks to Dunay
- Updated 'Suckit' (more checks added)
- Changed FAQ


* 1.00 RC1

First release

- Database: backdoor ports (DB:backdoorports.dat)
- Added filtering for network connections
- Added OS support for SuSE Linux:
- Added OS support for Debian: 2.2/3.0/testing
- Added OS support for FreeBSD 5.x: version 5.0/5.1
- Added OS support for FreeBSD 4.x: version 4.3/4.7
- Added OS support for Red Hat Linux 7.1/7.2
- Added KLD tests (FreeBSD)
- All other options...

Last updated by Michael Boelen at 14 February 2006

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